Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is a list of a few common questions new customers usually have. 

How much does it cost for me to get an estimate?

Estimates are always free of charge.

When will I be able to get an estimate?

Generally estimates will be given within 24 hours of receiving a call or email.

Does Cuzz Construction pay any fees associated with permits?

We DO NOT cover any fees involved with the permitting process. It is the homeowner's responsibility to tend to all costs of the permitting and inspection process. The permit process varies from city to city, we can direct you to the proper city departments necessary for this.

What method of payment is accepted?

We prefer either cash or PayPal, but we also accept credit and debit cards.

Does Cuzz Construction offer payment plans?

We DO NOT offer payment plans upon the completion of a job. Our payment terms are always specified in the the service quote.

How will i receive my service quote?

All customers have the option of either an electronic copy in PDF format or a carbon hard copy.